The VitalSigns research team

social research volunteersThe VitalSigns research team comprises of 5 dedicated volunteers who are striving to ensure that the voices of those who are often pushed to the margins of society are heard and listened to. The premise of the VitalSigns report is to report on the vitality of the nation and measure the quality of life of those who live, play, work and learn in Ireland in order to inform The Community Foundation for Ireland, a philanthropy organisation where best to place their funds. However often with reports such as these only those who are educated and have access to the available resources are able to partake. The VitalSigns research team is changing this. Each a volunteer, they are going out to lower socio- economic areas, residential homes and areas with a predominantly elderly demographic to ensure that each person is given the option to participate. They have battled angry jack russels and torrential downpours all while trying to convince residents that they are not asking for money or personal information, simply making sure your opinions are heard. To learn more about VitalSigns you can visit


Story by  The Community Foundation for Ireland