The answer is obvious to me… My aunty, Connie Kennedy!!

connieConnie works as a nurse in Galway, so caring for others is her job. Even when she comes home from work, Connie thinks about her patients all day, every day; she cares for them 24/7 really.
When my father was in hospital for almost 2 months last year, Connie went to visit him every day on her breaks, making sure he had everything he needed, and keeping him entertained as he was very bored and lonely. I really appreciate all she did for him over this period!

As well as caring for her patients, Connie lives with her mother, my grandmother, and takes care of her day and night. When my grandfather, her husband, died a few years ago, Granny and Connie were obviously distraught, but Connie helped Granny through it. She brought her on adventures every day to different places to have coffee. I think that Connie gave Granny a new lease of life!

Connie has no children of her own, but she cares for all of her nieces and nephews like her own children. Connie has always been extremely generous to all of us, giving us money when we go on holidays, sending us funny postcards from her own holidays, minding us when our parents are away, taking us to the cinema, taking us shopping, teaching us new things. I admire her for everything she does for us!

Connie has the best sense of humour. She always cheers people up with her beautiful smile and funny comments. She spreads happiness everywhere she goes.

She does everything she can to help charities, giving loads of her possessions to Cope, and supporting the Irish Guide Dogs by buying loads of their calendars and giving them to her friends and family.

Connie is an all-around amazing and admirable person. I idolise her for all the caring and sharing she does!

Story by Jade Hume.