Norma Sexton about her Mother

Norma sexton storyThis story is about my Mother. Looking back I guess I became aware of her helping out in the neighbourhood from an early age and different children coming to stay at our house for short holidays. I remember extra siblings in the double bed, less space but most importantly they just became one of the family. In my late teens I remember saying have you not enough with 9 of us? NO it is our duty to look after others says she. I was the selfish, jealous one wanting some space. She continued taking kids/teens from Lota house and fostering for many years. She has been involved in COPE foundation, meals on wheels and CASA – fundraising and volunteering- until last year when ill health prevented her to continue being actively involved. Many of her family from different generations are continuing the tradition. She is still sharing and caring by spending time praying for all and enjoying going for her game of cards with her national school friends and that is my Mother 79 years of age Grannie Nora yahoooooooo.