Conor Dillon’s Caring & Sharing Story

conor I wrote to John & Francis Brennan a few years ago to tell them how much I loved their programme ‘At Your Service’. At the time I wanted to be a Hotel Manager and I thought they could tell me what it was like. We kept writing and one day John e-mailed me and said they were thinking of doing a Charity ‘At Your Service’ programme and did I know of anywhere that needed their help. I thought of the Respite House in Malahide. I love going there, it is always great fun, but because it’s used so much it was starting to look a bit tired.

John & Francis thought it was a brilliant idea and that was how it all started. I couldn’t believe so many people responded to a request for help on the Miriam O’Callaghan show on RTE Radio. It was brilliant to know all these people cared enough to share their time and skills to help make the programme happen.

I hope John & Francis know that they have helped to make a lot of people very happy, especially me!