CASA Cooley Collection

IMG_9292Come, walk with us. It is not until we walk in the shoes of another that we can fully appreciate their life, the everyday hurdles they overcome, and their bravery. Seldom we get the opportunity to do this, but we can be alert and observe, and try to deepen our understanding.   In June, a very special plane will lift off from Dublin Airport.  Another similar plane will rise above the skies of Cork.  On board, those planes will be filled with many people with disabilities, some intellectual,  sensory, physical.  People of all ages, from all walks of life, because disability knows no boundaries. Some terminally ill people will also be onboard.

As the plane gathers speed on the runway, the smiles of delight on the faces of the children is a joy to behold, treasured more so because that smile is often their only means of communication.  With each passing mile in the sky, those on board are fast becoming friends.  Strangers who meet at the airport, now bonded together in a pilgrimage to Lourdes.   Each person with a disability is accompanied by their own personal carer, plucked from all walks of life, travelling at their own expense, eager to make sure that their new found friend will get optimum benefit from this pilgrimage to Lourdes.  A medical team of doctors and nurses accompany the group.  The pilgrimage is greatly enriched by the care of a team of Priests whose input in providing healing masses and knowledge of the joys of Lourdes is immeasurable.

Being a volunteer carer on such a trip if a very rewarding experience.  Unfortunately for many, due to family and other commitments, this experience is not possible.  However, your help and support is vital in making this happen. You too can become a part of this very special journey.  Simply place your unwanted item of clothing, shoes, etc into a bag and bring it to Cooley Parochial Hall,  in Co Louth on Sat 11thApril.  Hanlon Transport have once more kindly offered us the use of their truck and trailer. Their lorry will be parked at the Hall from 9 am to 1 pm.  From there, all of the donated goods will be brought to the CASA headquarters in Capel Street, Dublin where they will be sorted, priced, and distributed to the chain of CASA charity shops nationwide.

The proceeds from the sale of your donations will enable CASA to make dreams come true for many very special people.

A huge thank you to everybody who have already donated goods.  Your kindness is very much appreciated.