The Role of Volunteers

Breakhouse volunteers with a kids group in for respite careTo welcome guests with disability to the house.

To assist those with disability in the activities of daily living. Each volunteer cares for one person with disability.

To assist persons with disability on day outings to cinema, bowling, shopping, etc., and to encourage people to partake to the best of their ability.

Most importantly to be a friend to the person with disability. To talk to them, listen to them, hear their story and be their friend.

Each volunteer cares for a person with disability for the length of that person stay in the house, two or three days. During this time the volunteer is on duty all the time. The volunteer then gets a few days off. (See a sample rota schedule below).

On days between respite breaks and days off, the volunteer will be required to work some 8 hour days with an hour for lunch.

On these days the volunteer is expected to attend meetings, prepare rooms for the coming group, shopping etc.

Terms of Volunteering

If you are interested in applying for a position as a volunteer, please complete the applicationForm

– Download Volunteer Application form

If you have any questions please submit them via email: