Respite Breaks

Breakhouse kids day trip

Respite Breaks for Adults

During a respite break staff, volunteers and members with a disability all live together sharing and participating in house-hold and social activities together. We regularly visit the cinema, go bowling, and take on shopping trips. For each Respite group our activities are specifically chosen to cater for the capabilities of the members who are on a break.

Each week we invite a different group of people with disabilities to our house. This means that each respite break is made up of many different individuals offering a varied group of members. We plan and tailor the activities of each group around the personalities and abilities that make up that group.


Picture Mary, a lady in her early thirties, married with two young children, a mother, a housewife. Mary suffered a brain haemorrhage which left her with severe disabilities and unable to live at home again and care for her children. Mary found CASA and when she visits us, loves to get into the kitchen and supervise the cooking. For a few hours, Mary can do a lot of the things she used to love being able to do.


A young man, John, at the age of 24 is working city centre, renting an apartment, has a car, a group of friends, and a good social life. He has a car accident which leaves him with a severe head injury, wheelchair bound and unable to lead an independent life. He is forced to move home to his parents who now care for him daily. When John visits CASA it is the socialising aspect of the house that means so much to him. He spends time with a group of people his own age, and gets out and about.

Respite for Children

Some respite groups are specifically designed for children. Activities include arts and crafts, music, trips to the zoo, playgrounds, bouncing castles and lots of fun and games.