Breakhouse day out at park

Mission & Philosophy

Our mission is to provide quality respite breaks to people with a disability and their families or care givers in an atmosphere of trust, friendship and mutual respect, enhancing quality of life.

CASA Breakhouses Philosophy

CASA are committed to our mission and work to achieve it through the implementation of our core values. Our core values are as follows:

  • Belief that a person with a disability is a person firstly and his or her disability are secondary.
  • To improve the quality of life of each person with a disability who comes in contact with our service.
  • To provide a resource to the community, in particular to carers and families of people with disabilities through the provision of periodic breaks for the person with disabilities.
  • To ensure one to one care. This is the ratio of one carer to each person with a disability. One to one care is the hallmark of all CASA activities.
  • To ensure our service to people with disabilities is of the highest standard and quality.
  • To promote social inclusion of people with disabilities having identified that friendship and the need to relate to others are basic human needs.
  • Creating a safe and homely respite environment, that considers the physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs of the person with disabilities.
  • One to one care. Each member with disability is assigned a dedicated carer for the length of is or her stay in the respite house. This one to one ratio facilitates high quality breaks. Assigning a carer to each person with disability maximises the potential benefits a person with disability can take from each break.
  • One to one care allows people with a disability to feel valued; it encourages personal and social development, and nurtures feelings of self worth.
  • Respite is provided within a family like atmosphere. Within each respite break time is allocated to spending time together in the house, sharing the day-to-day activities of living.
  • Each respite break is individually tailored. Staff and volunteers plan a programme of social events and outings, encouraging all members to partake to the best of their ability, promoting social inclusion and developing confidence among people with a disability.