Anne Kennedy about Susan

susan_resizedLet me share with you a short story about Susan. Unfortunately she is no longer with us but I would like to tell you what a wonderful person she was.

Susan was my niece, godchild and such a close friend. She was diagnosed with leukemia when she was 16 years old. It was the year I was pregnant with my daughter, Emma. I arrived home from living abroad to tell my family and the first person I told was Susan. She was so thrilled and asked to be Godmother. Of course I said yes, even though at that time it was not sure that she would survive her illness. She did and, fortunately, her brother was a direct match and he donated his bone marrow to her.

While Susan was growing up she showed her caring side, always kind to people, always with a loving smile and most importantly never complaining. After her diagnoses she became involved with the Leukemia Trust and was actively involved in visiting others who had leukemia and sharing her story with them. She gave great hope to those she came in contact with. She was instrumental in raising funds for the Trust and at he functions I was able to attend you could see how loved she was. We got together as much as possible. She visited me abroad and we met up in London many times and had such fun. We went together to Lourdes with CASA and it was such a beautiful experience. As she was not all that strong we worked together and both of us pushed wheelchairs to the Grotto. We had a wonderful time and, as usual, she was so kind to everyone there.

Susan had many years after her transplant and made the most of those years. She continued working and was so loved by her colleagues. Unfortunately Susan was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer three years ago. This did not stop her. She never complained and stayed positive throughout her illness. She was always around for her family, her friends, her work colleagues and even strangers she met in the hospital she attended. When people asked how she was her reply was always ‘grand’, even though we knew she was suffering. She never let anyone know what she was going through.

Susan passed away on 17 February 2013. At her funeral her brother gave the eulogy and he said, “Susan was not an ordinary girl she was an EXTRAORDINARY girl”. I am forever grateful that she was not just my niece and godchild but also my friend.

SUSAN rest in peace.