One to One

Photo of CASA volunteer and member

CASA is committed to delivering quality social events and respite services for members. One to one, person-centred support is the hallmark of our approach.

One-to-one care means every member is assigned a volunteer carer who will accompany them for the duration of the event and assist them through all activities

In this way CASA ensures

  • Everybody gets the full, individual care and attention they deserve;
  • Members are enabled to participate in each activity to the very best of their ability and nobody is left out;

Most of all, members and volunteers get an opportunity to bond together through their shared experience of participation at CASA events.

Real friendships are formed – the main aim of CASA.

One-to-one care is the key focus of our induction, training and guidance initiatives. It quickly becomes second nature for CASA members and volunteers alike and is the standard by which we judge the quality of each CASA event.