Photo from CASA social night out

Our Mission Statement

We enable our members to develop friendships and empower themselves socially in a caring and relaxed setting.


Our Core Values



CASA is aware that for people with physical and intellectual disabilities there are added difficulties in developing friendships and social networks that most people take for granted. All CASA activities address this by facilitating the development of friendships.


One to One Care

The principle of one- to- one care is central to our organisation.

This offers the best possible opportunities for all our members to engage with and to be involved in all planned activities and interactions. Having the assistance of a carer at all times   ensures that each individual is enabled to participate in activities in   a manner and at a pace that is best suited to his/ her ability.  It also ensures that safe and protective measures for all members are in place at all times.



CASA draws its ethos from Catholic values and traditions.  However we welcome and include individuals of all faith denominations and none.



We provide our members with high quality services delivered in an atmosphere of trust, friendliness and mutual respect. We continually enhance our services through regular consultation with our members.


Social Inclusion

The recognition of the uniqueness and individuality   of each member requires that principles of fairness and equality are applied.  Every individual in CASA is important and no member is more valued than any other. We value the contribution of each member and recognise, promote and respect the uniqueness of each individual.




CASA is committed to the ongoing development of the organisations services in line with The Governance Code of Community, Voluntary and Charitable Organisations in Ireland.